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Products and Services

Whether your design project is a new building or a retro fit, DOR-COM can offer a doorway control solution to meet your requirements. Some of the various configurations include the following;

– Slide & Park Panel System (Manual / Automatic)
– Single Panel or Double Panel Swing Door Panel Access (Manual / Automatic)
– Single Panel Sliding or Double Panel Bi-Parting Access (Manual / Automatic)
– Multi Folding Panel Access System
– Slide & Swing Double Panel Access System (Automatic)
– Customize Metal Frame Work

Other list of installation and maintenance servicing for manual operated products and accessories includes;

– Floor Spring (with optional adjustable settings)
– Door Closer (with optional adjustable settings)
– Fixed Tampered Glass Panel Fittings (Shop / Office Front Setup)
– Fire Resistant Door Panel Installation (adhereance to FSB regulations)